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Advanced Acupressure in Massage Therapy – 12 CEU Class for only $49.00

This ADVANCED course focuses on Acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a comprehensive course designed to be applicable to your own practice.

Advanced Topics include:

  • How Acupressure Works
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine History
  • Channel/Meridian Theory
  • Five-Element Theory
  • Acupressure Points

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Only $49.00

Acupressure is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a portable, safe, effective and beneficial modality to add within the context of a massage therapy session. This course covers how to safely add acupressure to a massage treatment for stress relief, relaxation and pain relief. You will also explore other useful points applicable to situations in daily life, such as nausea, hiccups, headaches, menstrual cramps and digestive complaints.

This course will also give the massage therapist a basic familiarity with some concepts of Chinese medicine including history, concepts of Qi (“chee”), yin, yang, and meridian theory. We will also focus on point location – just the most important ones that are commonly used in a typical acupuncture practice with good results – and combining points to provide an effective therapeutic treatment for your client.

It is said that it can take a lifetime to master Chinese medicine. However, by grasping some basics of the practice, you can arm yourself with a valuable addition to a massage therapy session. You can also arm your clients with a powerful weapon to add to their wellness arsenal – self-care knowledge. They can try many of these points at home for a drug-free alternative to a myriad of problems. The acupressure points you teach your clients can be helpful for them for their entire life.

Please note, although all of the classes I offer are comprehensive and designed to give you useful information, this particular course is more advanced and goes into more depth than all of the others. So please set aside plenty of time to learn and study. Just like all the massage CEU courses offered here, you will receive an ebook which you are expected to read and study, and then you will take an assessment designed to help you retain the most important information from the course. Upon achieving at least a 70% score, you will receive an immediately available Certificate of Completion that is compliant with Texas Massage Therapy Board requirements.

NCBTMB classifies this course as Acupressure
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