Online CE Classes for Texas Massage Therapists
Approved by the TDLR

How to take our classes

  1. Add class(es) to your cart
  2. Check out (registration happens when you click the Checkout button in the cart)
  3. Log into the website and download your class PDF
  4. Open and read through the class PDF
  5. Click the link at the end of the class materials to take the assessment (see Table of Contents for page
  6. Take online assessment (you have 5 tries to score 70% or higher) and fill out feedback survey
  7. Return to Student Dashboard to download your PDF Certificate of Completion

FAQs about licensure

FAQs about payments & security

  • Are your classes really only $39.00 or $49.00?
  • How do I get a class for only $10.00?
  • Your class is so inexpensive compared to most in-person classes. Am I going to get less
  • Can I use checks or credit cards?
  • I don’t have a credit card. How can I purchase your class? Can I use a relative’s card?
  • Is your website secure? Do you keep my information private?
  • Will I get a receipt for my purchase?
  • Help – I’m having trouble checking out!
  • Why do I have to keep logging in?
  • How are refunds handled?
  • FAQs about the classes

    FAQs about the assessment & certificate of completion

    What is your license number?

    The owner of this website, Melissa Wood, is a licensed massage therapist, massage therapy instructor, licensed massage
    therapy CE provider and a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association. Her licenses and classes are
    currently accepted by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork – Approved Provider number

    Melissa has also been a doctor of naturopathy (ND), health & wellness coach and aromatherapy consultant for many
    years. Her experience means that each class is full of useful information you can use in your own massage therapy
    practice, not just boring materials you need to memorize to pass a test.

    Our goal at is to offer affordable online CE credits to everyone. If you are licensed in
    another state, please consider taking my classes from my national website,  Please know that it is YOUR
    responsibility as a student and therapist to ensure that your state accepts CE from me. You’ll need to contact your
    State’s massage therapy board to ensure the licensing requirements of CE instructors. 

    Melissa Wood, ND, MTI, LMT
    Texas Licensed Massage Therapist #MT029757
    Texas Massage Therapy CEU Provider #CE1384
    Texas Massage Therapy Instructor #MI2424
    NCBTMB Approved Provider #28
    CE Broker Provider number: 50-20346
    Professional Member of the American Massage Therapy Association

    Are your classes NCBTMB approved?

    Yes, the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork has approved all of our classes. If you are
    not licensed in the state of Texas, I ask that you go to my National
    Massage CEU class site
    rather than this Texas-specific website. The same classes are offered there, and it’s
    easier to choose your renewal state!

    Are you approved by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (TDLR)?

    Yes! You can check out the new massage therapy page on the TDLR website and then search for my current status on the licensing page. My
    Texas Licensed Massage Therapist number is #MT029757, my Texas Massage Therapy Instructor number is #MI2424 and my
    Continuing Education Provider number is #CE1384.

    Are you a member of any professional associations?

    Yes, I am a Professional Member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).

    Are online classes approved by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (TDLR)?

    Yes! The State of Texas passed legislation in 2009 that says online classes can be taken to satisfy our CEU requirements
    to maintain our massage therapy licenses. You can read about it on the Texas Department of Licensing and
    Regulation website

    What if I don’t live in Texas anymore, but I am still licensed in Texas? Can I still take your classes?

    Yes! As long as you are licensed in the State of Texas, you are eligible to take my classes.

    What if my state requires my credits be reported to CE Broker (i.e. Florida, Georgia, etc.)?

    Yes! Your credits will count. OUR CLASSES ARE CONSIDERED “GENERAL HOURS”. You are responsible for submitting your
    Certificate to CE Broker. Our CE Broker Course numbers are listed below.

    CE Course Numbers For Our Classes
    Advanced Acupressure & Chinese Medicine: CE Broker #20-557203
    Being a Successful Massage Therapist: CE Broker #20-557205
    Communicating with Clients: CE Broker #20-581604
    Massage for Chronic Pain & Illness: CE Broker #20-581606
    Relieving Lower Back Pain: CE Broker #20-581610
    Staying Healthy: CE Broker #20-581610
    Stress & the Immune System: CE Broker #20-581612
    Treating Headaches: CE Broker # 20-598798

    Are your classes really only $39.00 or $49.00?

    Yes, the classes are only $39.00 for 6 CE hours and $49.00 for 12 CE hours. This includes the class PDF file, the
    assessment and your Certificate of Completion. All for one low price – there are NO hidden fees.

    How do I get a class for only $10.00?

    If you buy two 6-hour classes at one time, the second class is only $10, so the total is $49.00 for two classes. The
    discount happens automatically as soon as you add two 6-hour courses to the shopping cart. It does not apply to future
    classes – only classes that you buy together in one transaction.

    Your class is so inexpensive compared to most in-person classes. Am I going to get less information?

    No, of course not! The classes are very comprehensive and will cover a lot of information. The in-person classes
    obviously would be more in-depth, as we can pass around and smell the different essential oils and discuss different
    strokes and techniques that you can use while doing massage. Because of the State of Texas’ requirements regarding
    online classes, I am prohibited from teaching the actual technique in an online class. That is the ONLY difference in
    the online class vs. the in-person classes. I have priced these online classes inexpensively to offer this knowledge to
    as many of my fellow massage therapists as possible! Given the current economic conditions, I have priced these classes
    low to help my fellow massage therapist friends!

    Can I use checks or credit cards?

    I accept payments via credit card, debit card, or PayPal account. I no longer accept E-Check Payments, checks, or money
    orders, so if you are trying to pay using your checking account, you will need to use the debit card on your account in
    order to check out. If you are having trouble purchasing for some reason, please phone PayPal direct (they handle all
    payments) at 1-888-221-1161.

    I don’t have a credit card. How can I purchase your class? Can I use a relative’s card?

    I have had many students who don’t have a credit card. In that case, they have often asked a relative, friend or close
    neighbor to purchase on their behalf. This is fine, but you will need to give the person who is buying the class for you
    all of your contact information – name, phone, email and Texas massage license number. When they buy your class, they
    will need to provide all of this information so that when you take the class the Certificate of Completion will be
    printed in your name.

    How are refunds handled?

    Refunds are not given if the class has been completed, the assessment taken and the Certificate of Completion is generated.  If a refund is given, the method used to refund the class will be the same method used when purchased. In other words, the credit card or PayPal account that was used to pay for the class will receive the refund credit.

    Is your website secure? Do you keep my information private?

    All of your information is secure and private. I do not sell or share your private information with anyone. I will
    contact you in the future to let you know about new classes that I’m formulating, or in-person classes that I’ll be

    Regarding my website security, you can choose to pay on this site with your credit or debit card, or pay via a PayPal
    account. Either way, your credit card information is never stored on this website; it is only used for payment. Your
    contact information is stored only for required State of Texas tracking purposes (they do audits from time to time, to
    make sure you have passed your class to keep your license) and so you can log in later to review class materials or
    download your Certificates of Completion. All this information is stored securely and kept confidential.

    Will I get a receipt for my purchase?

    Yes, you will receive a receipt via email. Don’t forget that this class is tax deductible if you are self-employed, so
    be sure to print it out and keep it with your tax records.

    Help – I’m having trouble checking out!

    First, make sure you are registered on this website. Please note that you DO NOT have to fill in the “Website”, “AIM”,
    “Yahoo IM” or “Biographical Info” boxes.  Please write down the username and password that you create as you will need
    it to login to your account.  Once you complete the registration process, you’ll receive an email with your log-in
    information.  You are now able to login to your Student Dashboard.  Please ensure your profile is filled out and then
    follow the instructions to purchase a class.  Double-check your cart to be sure the class is still there (if you’ve
    closed your browser it will need to be added again) and you should be able to complete checkout. If you are still having
    problems, please contact me and I’ll be glad to help.

    Why do I have to keep logging in?

    Any time you close your web browser, you will need to log back into the site. This ensures that if you share a computer,
    whoever comes after you won’t be able to see your confidential information. If you are trying to take an assessment
    while you’re already logged in, but the site asks you to log in again, you may have your computer set to open links in a
    different web browser. For example – you are logged into the site in Firefox, but when you click on your assessment link
    it opens Internet Explorer. The website thinks you’re only logged in in Firefox, so it will ask you to log in again.
    You’re welcome to either copy and paste your link into the browser you desire (so you won’t need to log in again) or
    just log in on the second browser. Please ONLY use Firefox or Internet Explorer; Google Chrome and some Android devices
    can be problematic.

    How do I get the class? Will you mail me the class?

    Each class is a downloadable PDF, followed by a quiz you must take online. As soon as you pay, you’ll login to your
    Student Dashboard and you’ll be able to download the PDF file to learn all the class material. You will NOT receive a
    hard copy in the mail from me, but if you want to print out for your records you certainly can. My material is
    copyrighted and you cannot copy, sell or distribute to others.  If you login and your class is NOT on your Student
    Dashboard, please logout, clear your computer cache, cookies & history, reboot and then login again…it should be

    What is the class? Do I read it?

    Each class is a downloadable Adobe PDF file that you can download to your computer or mobile device and read at your

    How do I read the course PDF / e-book?

    You will need to use a computer, tablet or smartphone which supports PDF files. Most tablets and smartphones, such as
    iPhone and iPad, can read PDFs without installing an app. Most computers include Adobe Reader, which will read the PDFs
    as well. If you have an old version of Adobe Reader, don’t have it installed, or have any problems opening your file,
    please download and install the latest version of Adobe Reader (which is free) on your computer, or try using a different computer.

    What if I see typos in the e-book?

    All of my classes have been carefully proofread, so if you see typos – for example, letters missing or strange
    strikethroughs – the most likely cause is your PDF reader. Some older versions of Adobe Acrobat did not encode fonts
    properly and can cause this error. Please update Acrobat to the very latest version, or try using a different PDF

    How long do I have to complete the class?

    You can take each class at your own convenience. Whether you’re a night owl or an early riser, reading my class at your
    own pace means you can fit it into any schedule. Classes never expire, so take the time needed to learn the material and
    focus on your license renewal date.

    How do I log back in to get to my class?

    Just click the “Login” link above and you will be able to log in to download course PDFs and any Certificates of
    Completion you have already received.  If you’re having trouble logging in, be sure you shutdown your computer, reboot
    and clear your cache.  Also, be sure you are using FireFox or Internet Explorer as your browser; Google Chrome and some
    Android devices can be problematic.

    I can’t find my class. What do I do?

    Be patient and don’t panic – it’s no problem. First, be sure you are logged into your Student Dashboard.  Your class
    should be there.  If it’s not, please log out, clear your computer cache, cookies & history; then shutdown, reboot
    your computer and login again.  It should be there.  If it’s not, please contact us using the Contact Form.

    How long does it take to actually read your class? Do I really need to set aside 12 hours?

    My classes are very thorough and comprehensive. They are designed so that if I were actually teaching you in person,
    they would meet the State of Texas’ requirements for a 6 or 12 CE hour course. But everyone reads and comprehends the
    material at a different speed. None of my students have complained about the time involved to take my class, and you can
    read reviews from my happy students.

    Troubleshooting problems

    If you are having trouble with your username/password, please use the “reset password” function on the Login page.  If
    you still can’t login, please clear your computer cache, cookies and browser history and then shutdown/reboot.
    Sometimes it is necessary to change browsers; Google Chrome is known to be a problematic browser, so you might need to
    change to Internet Explorer or Firefox.  Although we make every effort for our website to work with all mobile devices
    and tablets, occasionally there are issues and you’ll need to change to a different device.  If you have trouble with
    any portion of the site, please see the contact form. Select the type of issue you are having,
    and the form will recommend common settings you can check that will most likely solve the problem. If these do not solve
    your issue, please continue on the contact form, including as much detail as possible, and our team will look into your
    problem as soon as possible.

    Is the assessment open-book?

    Yes, it is. Since the actual class is an Adobe PDF file, you can have the file open on your computer or print out a copy
    to use while taking the assessment.

    Does the assessment time out? Can I start it and come back to it later?

    Due to the number of people who may be taking the assessment all at one time, you need to finish the exam within 2 hours
    of starting it. You cannot save your answers and return later, so once you start the assessment, you should finish it in
    order to protect your work. You will have 5 tries to pass the assessment. Keep in mind our website pulls from a list of
    questions each attempt and the questions may not be in the same order. If you fail all 5 times, you will need to
    re-purchase the class in order to earn your credits and certificate.

    What if I have problems taking the assessment? What do I do?

    Generally, the assessment is very user-friendly and is easily taken with no complications. We have improved the site and
    eliminated most common errors. If you have gotten locked out by the system, it will unlock you within 12 hours from your
    last attempt.  Please double-check that you’re using the correct username and password.  Before trying again, clear your
    cache, cookies, and browser history.  Shutdown your computer and reboot, then try again.  Make sure you are using
    FireFox or Internet Explorer as your browser; Google Chrome and some Android devices can be problematic.

    What is involved in the assessment? How do I take it?

    The instructions to take your assessment are found at the end of your class. You will click on a link, log in, and
    access a secure portion of the website where you can take the assessment. It is not timed, but you cannot start the
    assessment and come back later to finish. If you pass the assessment, you’ll take a quick survey which the State of
    Texas requires to ensure my students are satisfied, then you’ll be able to download your Certificate of Completion from
    the same secure logged-in area. If you don’t pass, you will be notified right away, and you can re-read your class PDF
    and take the assessment again. Keep in mind our website pulls from a list of questions each attempt and the questions
    may not be in the same order.  The assessment is not hard, but you will need to read the class materials. It is
    open-book, so take your time!

    Do you send the Certificate of Completion to the State to renew my license?

    No – because they require you to fill out paperwork and send in a renewal fee. Once you pass your assessment, you’ll be
    able to immediately download your PDF Certificate of Completion. From there, it is YOUR responsibility to send in the
    paperwork, the Certificate of Completion and the renewal fee to the State of Texas to renew your license.

    When will I get my Certificate of Completion?

    As soon as you have passed the assessment and completed a quick survey, you will be able to print or download your PDF
    Certificate of Completion. If you have already logged out, just click the “Login” link at the top of the page and you
    will be able to access all your certificates.

    Can you print my Certificate of Completion?

    Unfortunately, I cannot. Due to an extensive travel schedule and in order to keep costs as low as possible for all
    students, it is not possible for me to print your PDF certificate. If you don’t have a printer, I recommend emailing
    your certificate(s) to either a friend or family member for printing or to your local UPS Store or FedEx office, as they
    can also print it out for you at a very nominal cost.

    If you’re having trouble and your question isn’t listed here, contact
    so I can help!

Not licensed in Texas? Please visit our national LMT site.