Online CE Classes for Texas Massage Therapists
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Massage Mentoring & Coaching

Are you a new therapist that is looking for a job?  Or maybe you’ve been in the industry awhile and now it’s time to open your own practice?  What about expanding your existing practice?  A massage coach and mentor can help you with these things.

After 17 years as a massage therapist in the State of Texas and 8 years as a Massage Instructor, I can offer my experiences and expertise to guide you toward achieving your goals.  My goal is help you to increase your personal development, land that job or realize your dream of opening your own practice or taking that practice to the next level and become more successful.

A mentor or coach is someone who can offer experience, guidance and instruction to assist a less experienced person. We do this by sharing our experience and wisdom and helping you to reach your goals and objectives.

I typically have 3 types of massage therapist coaching clients:

The Job Hunter

Typically these are new therapists that want to get a job, but they need help with:

Resume preparation – learn how to prepare a great resume that will get you an interview

Interviewing skills – Mastering interviewing is of the utmost importance if you’re trying to get a job.  We will do many “mock” interviews and I’ll train you on how to best prepare for an interview, how to answer questions and how to get the job

Job hunting – There are a lot of different ways to go hunting for jobs; you’ll need to do more than just apply at some of your local massage establishments.  Learn the tips and tricks for finding jobs.  You don’t want just ANY job; you want THE job…the one that is going to be right for you!

Want Your Own Practice

These therapists maybe have been working for someone else for a while and now it’s time to open their own practice.  You’ll need a mentor to help you with…

Looking for and finding the right retail or office space for you

Understanding the initial costs and ongoing expenses of having your own practice

Learn about marketing (online and offline) and how to maximize it for you

Why social media is critical

The necessity of a website

Special Touches

Already in Practice, but want to ramp it up

These therapists have had their own practice for awhile but now want to make more money and expand.

Time to hire others?

Ways to make more $$

Adding products or services

Making some passive income

Goals of working together:

  • You’ll learn to sharpen your communication skills
  • You’ll increase respect from others
  • You’ll increase your personal development & leadership skills
  • You’ll learn about networking and why it’s critical
  • You’ll ultimately create higher standards for our industry
  • You’ll make more money and be more satisfied
  • You’ll have a healthy impact on your community
  • You’ll learn to attract the right job and the right clients
  • You’ll learn to organize your practice
  • You’ll remove obstacles or self-sabotaging behavior
  • You’ll learn to clarify your vision of what success means to you
  • You’ll learn more about self-care and having (setting) healthy boundaries

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